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“Dialogue in Action” is a new Global Database and Network of inspiring sustainable organizations, initiatives, projects and programs from around the world – those that actively promote dialogue, strengthen connection and joint action with ongoing proven success and meaningful impact among their target populations.

You are invited to collaborate and join forces with them and to introduce additional inspiring Dialogue initiatives to be included in “Dialogue in Action” Database and Network.

We believe that together we can establish a Global Network that will promote and implement meaningful and sustainable Dialogue and Action with substantial impact worldwide.

“Dialogue in Action” was initiated by the Global Dialogue Initiative Community in Synergos, a global organization of leading philanthropists, helping solve complex issues around the world by building trust and collective action.

Updates & News

Community Garden in the Nature Museum in Jerusalem
Community encouragement in times of war: The community garden in Jerusalem initiated during the recent war in Gaza a series of encouraging activities for emotional support to many families in the city. In addition, the community garden volunteers organized a project of preparing flower plants and herbs for families from…
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Berghof Foundation
Encouraging signs for peace in Yemen, but a long way to go. Yemen offers some real grounds for hope. But the international community must act swiftly and ensure all parties are included. BY ANDREW GILMOUR, CALUM HUMPHREYS Despite formally elapsing last October, the UN-brokered truce, which began in April 2022,…
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Maya Vakfı’s (Foundation)
Since Maya Vakfı’s (Foundation) establishment the healing power of art and nature has been utilized in our trauma-informed mental health and psychosocial support activities. Maya Vakfı supports children’s well-being and helps them improve their social interactions and coping skills for stressful life experiences through creative art therapy and nature therapies.…
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